How to Fix Window Is Not Defined in Gatsby

A quick fix for window is not defined in GatsbyJS

The error window is not defined when running gatsby build results from trying to access window on the server, where it is not defined. To solve this, you can check for whether it defined or not before using it or importing a module that does.

const isBrowser = typeof window !== `undefined`

Now, you can use isBrowser when using window. For example,

if (isBrowser) {

Or, if you want to import a module (wow.js for example),

if (isBrowser) {
	const WOW = require("wow.js")

Finally, you can also configure Webpack to ignore the module during server rendering by adding the following code in gatsby-node.js file.

exports.onCreateWebpackConfig = ({ stage, loaders, actions }) => {
	if (stage === "build-html") {
			module: {
				rules: [
						test: /moduleName/,
						use: loaders.null(),

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